The new IpFob Mobile remote control, is a mobile connection to your security system. This app runs on you iphone, iPod touch, BlackBerry's and now Android and any Web enabled Cell Phone or computer. This allows you to remotely Arm/Disarm you alarm system as well as any feature you can normally do from your existing keypad, plus tons more features that we will get into.  Note:(Not all alarm panels are compatible with this option, please contact us for futher information)

Upon Installation of the New Broadband Alarm Transmitter, that will be connected to your existing internet connection regardless of the provider, you can easily start to take advantage of all the wonder features we can now offer you including:



-Downloadable applications for the iphone, iPod Touch, Blackberry, and Android.(see Downloads)

-Connect from any Computer or Cellular phone with internet access.

-Control multiple alarm sites within the same cell phone application with the click of a button.

-Arm/Disarm alarm, as well ad full control of keypad function keys (Home, Away, instant, bypass, chime, alarm code changes, event history, etc.)

-Ability to receive alarm, supervisory, trouble, and open/close (Arm/Disarm) test, email messages, or a phone call upon the event.

-Setup various reports including daily, weekly, and monthly sent via email

-Remote Programmable

-Can be the Sole or Backup communications to Central Dispatch
 (optional service ,additional costs maybe involved,  but recommended)

-Latch-Key Reporting, it can monitor and let you know you child arrives at home

-Polling Loss Notification (creates a trouble on alarm panel if you was to loose internet communication)

-Create a Supervisory by Zone(Be alerted if a specify zone such as a liquor cabinet or gun cabinet was to be opened)

-Open/Close one or multiple Over Head Garage Doors (additional installation costs may be involved)

-Very Affordable


The Alarm Transmitter we would install will automatically seek an IP address, meaning no router programming is required. This means you can transfer internet service providers at any time as long as the Alarm Transmitter is plugged into your new internet service providers modem.

Alarm signals would be sent to Central Dispatch and/or to your cellular telephone by IP, we are not using a VOIP service which has been prove to be problematic. 


Do I need a telephone or VOIP dial-tone when using the Alarm Transmitter?

No. The Transmitter is connected only to a broadband internet connections. The alarm control panel does not need a dial-tone to be monitored.

How does the Transmitter obtain an IP Address?

The Transmitter automatically assigns itself an IP address by your router through DHCP.

Do I have to have a "Always-On" internet connection or can I use dial up internet?

Yes, you can only use this transmitter on an Always-On connection ONLY.

Can I be emailed and called by telephone in the event of an alarm signal?

Yes, any signal can be routed to Central Dispatch and/or notifications could be emailed, texted, and/or phone to the customer or a group the customer designated..

If I do not want Central Dispatch (police dispatching), can all signals be sent to be only?

Yes, there is no requirement to send signals to Central Dispatch, just recommended in case you wasn't around you cellular phone to receive the alarm notifications.

Will the Transmitter still fully function if their was a power outage?

Yes, as long as there is a battery backup on your Internet Service Provider's Modem. If the modem was to not be on battery backup you will loose your connection until power is restored to the modem.


To have access to a live demo you may use the demo username and password below. This login information can be used online by using the link below, as well as can be used on a cellular application.

     Online Login       

 Username:  ipddsc1
Password:   ipddsc1
  Alarm Code:  1234


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